What can I expect in a training session?

We always start with a nice easy warm up and stretch then depending which session you choose I will teach you the correct techniques for the exercise you are doing to ensure you have a safe fun workout.

I am so unfit, can I do it?

Yes you can! Whether you have never exercised before or can run 10km all my sessions are design to challenge everyone at his or her own level. I offer low impact and high impact options throughout the session so we can all start and finish together.

What should I bring to the session?

Always bring a bottle of water and a towel to the session. Wear comfortable exercise clothes and appropriate foot wear (sneakers) must be worn at all times.

What happens if we are outdoors and its rains?

All locations have some form of cover e.g. bridge, veranda or patio that we can use until the bad weather has gone.

What happens if I have to cancel due to sickness or holidays?

I have pre-existing conditions to help accommodate this.

What age groups do you cater for?

I train clients aged 15 through to 80 years of age. Just choose a fitness option that suits you and your needs. Not sure what you’re capable of? Then give us a quick call to discuss what is best for you.

How much does it cost?

Personal Training
Buy 10 pack get 1 free.
Private Groups
Group Classes
30 mins  $50 Min 4  $20 each
5 week course
45 mins  $60 Min 6  $15 each
1 session per week $75
60 mins $70 2 sessions per week $150

get in touch

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Our contact hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm.

Claire: 0428 871 366
Email: claire@motivateme.net.au