Silent BOOT

IT’S TIME TO DISCOVER YOUR INNER ATHLETE.                                                                                                             Using 12 bodyweight exercises for upper body, lower body, and core, this class will challenge you with strength, cardio, balance and flexibility. Having three intensity levels for each exercise makes it perfect for base level fitness through to high-level athletes. So put your headphones on pump the music up as loud as you like and get ready to BOOT your fitness to the next level.

Headphones? Silent? Music? What?

Motivate Me is proud to be the first in Westren Australia to deliver group exercise classes to music outdoors without disturbing the surrounding environment – it’s a silent disco, for fitness! The music and instructors voice is delivered through wireless headphones to your ears bringing all the energy of a group exercise class to you Outdoors in any location!

Friday 6am in Applecross.

More classes hitting the timatable soon.

5 Week Course

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