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Personal Training

Want to get real results with a session that is tailored for your needs? Then personal training is for you.

Whether you are after weight loss, rehabilitation after an injury, pre/-post natal exercises, tone up or just need the motivation, each session is designed to get you to the next level so you can achieve all your goals.

It can be scary starting something new.  The fear of the unknown combined with not knowing what to expect often stops people trying new things but don’t worry, “WE DON’T BITE!”

Our motivation is to inspire you to succeed so you won’t be running 20km on day one in 40-degree heat. This session is about you setting goals and us helping you achieve them, however big or small they are.

You have the choice of how long you would like the session to go for, so start with a half hour session and work your way up to an hour.

Buy a 10 pack and get one session for free.

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